Are you interested in exploring the potentials and barriers of data in facilitating bottom-up innovation and how data literacy can support it?  We invite participants from a broad range of domains (HCI, CSCW, STS, PD and related fields) to explore this topic through a variety of approaches, including practical activities. Expertise is not required, however familiarity with the basic topics and concepts of the workshop is advisable. 

We ask interested participants to submit a position paper, of one of the following types:

(1) Cases: Examples of bottom-up innovation projects, where civic action took place. For example, researchers working with a community to assist them in bottom-up data innovation.

(2) Lenses: Conceptual frameworks, metrics or tools that can be used to assess different case

studies. Many perspectives can be applied to look at civic action and bottom-up data innovation (e.g., data literacy, systemic change, ladder of participation, innovation processes – lenses that are totally different ways to assess a successful civic action project).

(3) Research work, on topics such as (but not limited to) the following:

  •  Understanding civic action in a digitized world
  • Contextualize and understand data literacy by individuals, groups and organisations
  • Building tools and/or methods to support civic data literacies
  • Show how/which practices can support/hinder bottom-up data innovation
  • Support the incorporation of diverse ethics and human values into bottom-up data innovation
  • Help policy makers to enhance civic data literacies and to organise ways to support bottom-up data innovation

We encourage authors to use the ACM Proceedings format for submission, but the position paper format is open and can be experimental. The paper can include anything from short visual essays to minds maps or textual essays. Textual contributions should be between 2-3 A4 pages saved as a PDF file. In case your submission relies heavily on audiovisual material (e.g. video), we kindly ask the contributors to submit an introductory text with a URL link.  The workshop papers will be published in the EUSSET Digital Library.

Submission details

Submissions will be reviewed by organizers. Successful applications will be selected based on their relevance to the workshop theme and fit with the program.

Applications are open. Please email your submissions directly to: Cathrine Seidelin at

Please notice that at least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop. All authors who attend the workshop must register for the workshop.